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really really good middle eastern food. always fresh


Great food


Great food, fast delivery and great prices. THe food was incredible, you get a good amount to fill you up and it's always fresh. We ordered the Chicken Shwarma entree's and the Falafel never had that before, but it was really good, I recommend them both.


To the reviewer who asked about pork, this is a halal restaurant, so I don't see them offering pork on the menu any time soon. I have to say that this place is a blessing. I adore this type of food and I frequented Ayder on Forest Avenue until it unfortunately closed. I've been to Sumac only once so far, but I went with my family and tried at least 3 appetizers and 5 separate entree's since we all share. Everything was pretty darn good. No complaints. Friendly staff too. I'll be going on a regular basis.


The food at Sumac is incredible. Everything we tried from the dips with pita to the meat grill was simply outstanding. Dips taste freshly made in restaurant although I am not sure if it is as I don't know what's going on in the kitchen but it surely does taste impressive. The mixed meat grill is a also a suprise compared to many other meditarenean style restaurants on the island. Prices are very fair, salads are also good and the pita bread is tasty. The restaurant is pretty small and for some may be a draw back but for others may be cozy home-feel, whichever you prefer.


The food here is amazing. The hummus, and babaganoush are outrageous. Their tzatziki sauce is unlike any I've ever tried. Love their kibbe as well. Everything is flavorful, and the staff are always friendly and smiling. We generally order take-out from this restaurant and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they're I believe still suffering from hiccups as a new restaurant...they don't always have a delivery person available.


I hope they do well...but u have no real greek my friend....add some pork and i will be there every day...much love and luck..u guys are great!!!


This is exactly what I was waiting for. They have excellent food, great service and really good prices. I will be definitely back with at least once a week from today on. I will spread the word, because this place must remain - it is my new found food heaven. Love love love!!!


Their gyros are AMAZING! And they have really great service. The staff attended to my every need, and the place is very cozy. All the food I ordered was well done, and served very delicately and nicely decor-ed. Their hummus is to die for. I literally dont like hummus too much but at this place, I wiped the plate clean. Must try it out.


I really enjoy a good gyro/souvlaki or shawarma so whenever a new restaurant offering these opens I'm eager to try it. Sumac is a new restaurant that offers both, in addition to a full and authentic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean menu. I ordered a lamb/beef "traditional gyro" sandwich and a chicken shawarma sandwich. They were topped with a nice amount of lettuce, tomato and onion and wrapped in a tasty soft pita. The gyro also contained a nicely zesty tzatziki sauce and the shawarma had a nicely seasoned and garlicky tahini sauce. Both of these items were rather different in flavor and texture from similar items offered in most other places on Staten Island, and both were delicious. The eponymous Middle Eastern seasoning sumac provided a nice lemony overtone to both as well. The order was placed by phone for delivery, the staff answering the telephone was very pleasant, the price was reasonable and a late afternoon delivery arrived very promptly. I would definitely order from here again and I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the menu. I recommend Sumac to anyone who knows and enjoys savory Middle Eastern cuisine or who would like to try it for the first time.


This place is great! In my opinion,they have the best gyro's on the island. Possibly,the best gyro i have ever had.


Last night was my second time ordering take out from Sumac. Both times were delicious. It's definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I had the Chicken Souvlaki sandwich. Well flavored and a more than filling sandwich. I also had the side order of Falafel which was an appetizer enough for 3 people. No complaints.


The food is amazing...Try the octopus salad..OMG..It is delicious..the place has a warm atmosphere. The staff is friendly. The owner is also very friendly.


Their food is fantastic, gyro is probably the best on Staten Island Lamb Gyro, ingredients always fresh and we love to have this option in the neighborhood.


Food is fresh


Delivery service is so so, maybe 2.5 stars on a good day. Pick up or dine in is 4.5 stars maybe 5... the food is great, gyros are delicious. It’s not a gyro restaurant but the gyros really seem to be the best we have ever tried in the entire city. You know the halal guys cart? Or stores, I really think sumacs gyros are better, fresher, cleaner tastIng. On to the bad, delivery is unpredictable, order online or call on phone sometimes it comes 25 minutes sometimes 1.5 hours and I am not talking about a rainy Friday night, it could be Sunday afternoon or Monday night or Friday lunch, the delivery times on where you eat or grub hub or calling them on phone cannot be trusted. And believe you me i tried many times. If you are in no rush go ahead order now and be surprised when we arrives. When it does, enjoy